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10 Stupid Inventions That Made Millions

Some invention to save lives, improve or accelerate slightly daunting task. Some works, such as bulbs, cars and space travel, even a spark of the revolution that will forever change human history.There are those who play Al Green song on the lips of dance, plastic fish.Today, these ideas weird, but simple for us to ask: "Why did not I think of that?" Tomorrow, they make us wonder, "What the hell, I bought ? " Well, if the benefits to humanity were the only way to make a profit, it would not be a reality show. As it turned out, greed landed beyond the left field adds innovation as well as high and as green as won the world shaking inventions.In this article, we examine the products most unusual and enigmatic human creativity, the kind that makes a lot of money. We look at how they capitalized on the novelty, profitability they grew up, and to what extent (or bad), some of them are not.Who knows? Perhaps this gadget mishmash inspire your own flash of genius.









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